BNL Token

BNL is a large business media ecology, which also includes entertainment, social media, self media, business intelligence media, advertising and other industries, and provides BNL tokens for circulation in the ecological environment. With the continuous improvement of the ecology, the access industry is becoming more and more abundant, and any specific role of the access industry can directly interact with other concrete roles more efficiently and reliably through BNL ecology. This can greatly enrich and promote the development of the digital media industry, achieving more efficient resource integration and utilization.

Token Assignment
Category Description Percentage Quantity
Founding team Locking period of 24 months 10% 100 million
Private placement Three phase of private placement. Present coin partly in locked position. Gradually release. 20% 200 million
development team Locking period of 24 months 10% 100 million
Promotion Prophase publicity and promotion 5% 50 million
Mine pool 55% 550 million
total 100% 1 billion