BNL Business Chain and Hilton Partner AQUA reach a deep strategic partnership

The BNL Business Chain has reached a strategic partnership with AQUA. The two sides will conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation in blockchain and AI technology. At the same time, the two sides will also deepen the focus of the blockchain scene exploration and application landing, AQUA will be one of the landing application scenarios of the  BNL Business Chain .AQUA is a data-driven blockchain platform with a team that has the technical and operational background of the top 500 US companies. At the heart of the technology is a private decentralized ledger that stores all transactions aggregated by AQUA technology frameworks, software products and partners. This app is already in use at hotels in Las Vegas. Previously AQUA had a strategic partnership with Hilton Highlands, and Hilton's current president, Richard Hilton, served as the chief consultant for AQUA.




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