Hilton Strategic Cooperation Project AQUA Receives Strategic Investment of 1.6 Million Dollars from Hong Kong Longtou Capital

Longtou Capital Manage (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is a professional investment institution founded by famous angel investor Zhu Chenglong, focusing on finance, science and technology, and laying out the blockchain industry ecology. A few days ago, Longtou Capital has already made a strategic investment in the AQUA project.

AQUA is a data-driven blockchain platform that allows users to monetize their personal data. The AQUA core team is comprised of Richard Hilton, the current president of Hilton Highlands, and Anthony, a former staff of Las Vegas Hotel, and a group of top talents in real estate, blockchain, finance, and law. The AQUA project aims to become the eco-creator of personal consumer big data through cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and AI, and has now obtained a strategic investment of 1.6 million dollars by Longtou Capital.

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