Shenzhen's first Vanke property luxury home was purchased by BNL and BTC

According to reliable news, recently located in Shenzhen Longgang Central City Vanke Tianyu Phase I, a set of 166.7 square meters of the top luxury homes now accept token payments. The price is 160BTC or equivalent BNL token.This is the first real estate in Shenzhen to accept token payments. It is converted to the average price of non-small BTC today. The unit price is about 46,791 yuan per square meter. BNL business chain is an innovative application of blockchain technology, AI technology and AR technology in the business fields such as "smart business media" and "smart business pan-transaction system". The current market value has reached 200 million US dollars. The BNL Business Chain Eco 2.0 wallet is also coming soon. According to reliable sources, the house is still in sale, as long as it has 160 BTC tokens or equivalent BNL tokens, it has the opportunity to own this luxury home.


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